Timetables/ Prices/Access

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    For private individuals it is not necessary to book.

    Wednesday 3 PM Steam
    Sundays and holiday 3 PM Steam

    Wednesday10.30 AM Diesel3PM Steam
    Thursday 3 PM Steam
    Saturday 3 PM Steam
    Sundays and Holiday 2.30 PM Steam4.15 PM Steam

    Wednesday10.30 AM Diesel3 PM Steam
    Thursday 3 PM Steam
    Saturday 3 PM Steam
    Sundays and Holiday 2.30 PM Steam4.15 PM Steam

    JULY- AUGUST     
    Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

    Monday and Friday : Diesel
    2.30 PM Steam

    2.30 PM
    4.15 PM Steam

    4.15 PM
    Wednesday10.30 AM Diesel2.30 PM Steam4.15 PM Steam
    Sundays and Holiday
    10.30 AM Diesel
    2.30 PM
    3.30 PM 4.30 PM

    Wednesday10.30 AM Diesel3.00 PM Steam
    Thursday 3.00 PM Steam
    Saturday 3.00 PM Steam
    Sundays and Holiday 2.30 PM Steam4.15 PM Steam

    Wednesday 3.00 PM Steam
    Sundays and Holiday 3.00 PM Steam

    For groups over 40 people other schedules on reauest.

    The journey lasts 1.30 hours including the visit of a “Haut-fer” swamill at Grand-Soldat terminus.

  • Adults rate

    7 €  Single ticket

    13 € Round trip

    17 € Round trip for the Orient-Express

    Children rate

    5 €  single ticket

    9.50 € Round trip

    10 € Round trip for the Orient Express

    From 4 to 12 years old.
    Free for children untill 3 (on the knees of the parents)

    Group rate

    11.00 € Adult round trip per adult
    From 20 people on the regular trains.

    8.50 € Children round trip per child
    From 20 people on the regular trains.

    Free journey for the driver and a guide from 40 people ( diesel train 30 people minimum- steam train minimum 40 people)

    Methods of payment accepted : cash,checks, bank cards, holiday checks.
    “Pass lorraine” accepted : https://www.tourisme-lorraine.fr/pass-lorraine
    Covered outside seating area of 200 seats.

    Special rate  for people with reduce mobility

    8 € Round trip

    Group package for special trains

    330 € per diesel ,train under 30 passangers

    440 € per steam train ,train under 40 passangers

    Rental for the Orient Express wagon

    Room for 30 passengers maximum.
    480 €

    Trip with the 1925 Renault NN

    Classified as Historic Monument.
    100 € Round trip for 3 adults and 1 child maximum.

    Journey in Hotchkiss track motor car

    130 €  from 8 to 10 passangers

    Be the driver for a round trip by steam train

    Another way  of sharing your passion with your familly or your friends.
    Be in the driver’s cabin, as close as possible to the action and near the driver…(Training adapted only to adults)

    50 € (membership card and insurance).



    A trip of an hour and a half to the heart of the Donon

    The journey lasts 1 hour and a half, half an hour for the climb, half an hour in Grand-Soldat with the visit of an “Haut-Fer” sawmill and a short film of the story of the train, then half an hour to get down.

    For all reservations

    Please call or 09. 64. 08.89. 15

    Or send an Email to [email protected]


    For the foreign tour operators please dial the acces code number of the designated international country.


     Covered outside seating available

    For 200 people at the departure station.
    For 60 à 100 people at Grand Soldat terminus station.

    Possibility to rent the kitchen.

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