Nature as a gift

Set in the heart of the Vosges forests, at the foot of the second largest forest massif in France, Abreschviller plunges the visitor into the mystery of a mirror with two worlds, the first, wooded and mythical of Mount Donon and the second, more musical of the Red Saar, which crosses this region of Barrès, Erckmann-Chatrian and many others, less well-known but all under the  charm that made the bards resolute.

To discover Abreschviller, is to project yourself into a universe where nature, omnipresent, reveals its secrets to those who knows how to look, smell and taste as much as they want: small fairy paths, dew-beads, flavours of mushrooms served in the welcoming restaurants of the valley, or more popular entertainment with a train ride or even, the colorful show of the famous hill climb, which, once a year only, awakes the forest hosts.

Rich in the history that made it revive after the 30 years’ War, Abreschviller keeps a spirit of tolerance and respect for the passing tourist, who always comes back to those hospitable lands where the soul of l’Ami Fritz still remains around the legendary rocks of the Calice, the Basse-Frentz, the Devil or the Belle Roche,in passing by the cave of Saint-Leon or the birthplace of Chatrian in Grand-Soldat. Without forgetting the inumerable sightseeing opportunities that we promise you will discover…

You are welcome !

The key of the Donon

Situated in 310 m altitude on the western slopes of the Vosges, at the foot of the forest massif of Donon, Abreschviller is a privileged holiday location in a beautiful setting wich, offers to the tourist both calm and exciting natural activities :

The village has a campsite and a lake for swimming (near the tourist railway station), playgrounds, fishing (rivers and fish farm), and a large network with waymarked by the Club Vosgien, from circular walkways of half an hour to two hours, to long hike towards Dabo, the Donon, the Hengst and the main crest of the Vosges, the G.R.5.

In the immediate surroundings, the signposted and maintained paths allow you to reach many rocks, with views of the valleys and rounded ridges of the Vosges, covered by immense fir forests.

Within a radius of about 30 km, you can visit many remarkable sites :

  • Walscheid and its cave,
  • St-Quirin classified as one of the most beautiful villages in France,
  • Dabo and its Rock St-Léon, the funicular boat lift of St-Louis-Arzviller,
  • Saverne and its castles,
  • The Zorn valley,
  • The Lutzelbourg castle,
  • Phalsbourg and its fortifications,
  • Sarrebourg with its museum and a stained-glass window by Chagall,
  • The land of Lorraine lakes ,
  • The Donon with its pagan temple at 1008 m altitude,
  • And the wildlife park of St-Croix in Rhodes.